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Back Massage


The ayurvedic massage is a blessing for body and mind.

It has a cleansing effect, relaxes, nourishes and balances physically and mentally.

It is a deeply relaxing oil massage for the whole body.

This massage is given with gentle and rhythmic strokes on arms and legs and it includes massage of the head (scalp), face, stomach, hands and feet. The self-healing capacity of the body and mind are stimulated.


This Indian ritual goes back thousands of years and tackles health in a holistic way.

The philosophy of Ayurvedic massage revolves around creating

peace and harmony in the body through restoring balance in different energy channels, also called chakras.

An Ayurvedic massage will focus on detoxifying the body

and making you feel calmer and more balanced.

When you suffer from chronic pains, stress, back pain, headaches, poor circulation or insomnia an Ayurvedic massage is an ideal option.

The ayurvedic massage is suitable for everyone, healthy or sick, old and young.

There are a number of contraindications in which it is not recommended to have an (ayurvedic) massage: during the first 3 months of pregnancy, in case of cancer, in case of fever, immediately after eating.

Of course, an Ayurvedic massage is no substitute for a professional medical treatment.

Consult your doctor for this.

Sounds interesting?

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