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I  am

a Woman

a Mother

a Partner

a Nightnurse @ intensive care 

a Ceramic artist


I started following yoga-classes to ease my backache

but experienced more and more the support it gave me

in my work as a nurse and in this overwhelming society.

Every class I followed over the years offered me

a deeper connection with ME.

That deeper connection became stronger when i started creating with clay. I followed 6 years of ceramics at HABK / Academy of Arts in Aarschot.


I am a Ceramist


Creation begins the moment I'm caught up in an idea, in a feeling.

I shape by working and reworking the clay.

It is a process through which I come into contact with another reality

that makes me more conscious and authentic.

Without the matter of clay and the mental and physical labour,

the artistic work would never have come about.

Without the spirit, the work would lack inspiration and appeal.

Working with the elements is an meditative process that connects me with my inner self.


Over the years I became more and more aware that my strong connection with everything around me

was too exhausting and it made me vulnerable.


I am

Highly Sensitive


I experience life very intense.

My moment on my yogamat offers me more control over my mind

and the awareness of consciously dealing

with all the stimuli that come in.

Over the many years of yoga-practice,

I have come across several teachers,

one by one unique in their teachings, all offering me a space to grow.

I am deeply grateful for their support and guidance.


During these years I got to know Agnes.

She touched my heart - I just love being around her!

Her incredible wisdom amazes me over and over

but most of all, her laugh makes me laugh.

We are Yin & Yang


After more then 15 years of yoga-practice, we followed the Kundalini Teacher Training in 2016

and finally received our teacher’s diploma Level 1 KRI-IKYTA. Individually, we dove into our own interests.


Searching for a way of sharing our experiences,

Agnes and I created our XL-Yogaclasses

which we offer in different studio’s.

XL-Yogaclasses where we offer

a moment of deep connection with oneself through Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra-Gongbath and Meditation.

My Yoga Nidra experiences and teachings

were given to me by my first yoga teacher.

The more I offered the deep sleep meditations,

the more i wanted to dive in the mysteries of Yoga Nidra.

I am still exploring and analysing this relaxation technique with ‘The House of Deeprelax’, to enhance your moment of rest.


I offer Yoga Nidra


A few years ago

I felt the need of participating several womenretreats facilitated by Japjeet Rajbir Kaur.

A sacred Circle of Women to make women aware

of their strenght and potential as women.

It was during that week that I experienced

the Closing the Bones ritual as closure of each day.

A deep nurturing and healing ritual for women.

It left me unexpected overwhelmed, feeling lighter,

physically and emotionally.

A year later I had the privilege to follow the training workshop,

both the basic ‘Closing the Bones’ and

the ‘Deeper into Closing the Bones’ training

with Sophie Messager and a second course with Japjeet Rajbir Kaur.

It is my wish that every woman may experience this sacred moment of selfcare.


I offer Closing the Bones massages


By following this massage training,

my sense of working and healing with my hands grew even more.

Recently i started training with Amarjit Bhogal

in offering Ayurvedic massages.

My monthly visit to his practice nurtured

the urge in learning this holistic massage.

The philosophy of Ayurvedic massage is about creating peace and harmony in the body

by restoring the balance in different energy channels.


Soon I will be offering Ayurvedic massages


Agnes her knowledge of Reiki intrigued me and

the growing sense of healing with energy led me to the initiation in Usui-Tibetan Lineage Reiki Flow healer

Level 1 (2019) and Level 2 (2020) from Stefanie Durieux.

She is passionate about crystals and combines her Reiki training with the energy of crystals which reflects also in my approach of healing.

Stefanie shared her knowledge of crystals in different workshops I also attended.


I use the knowledge of Reiki and crystals in my massages.



Always growing

Reaching out and working together for the common cause.



I am at your service




Contact for reservations and information

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