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 “In the Yoga tradition, meditation is described as Dhyana –

The long and undisturbed focus on a single object. ”


Meditating (dhyana) is merely being, in the here and now.

It is about (mental) silence. You allow your mind to completely relax and eventually try to reach a different state of consciousness by focusing completely on the here and now.  

Follow your breath, count inhale and exhale, or silently say a mantra.

It can be practiced in many ways, there is no one way that is the only right one.

When meditating you observe and accept your thoughts without judging them, not trying to control your thoughts, just let go :

 this is how you try to get to your true core.

There are so many distractions today

that we live less in the now than we might like.

That creates a feeling of stress or anxiety.

 Meditation can help against this, because it has many positive effects:

it reduces frustration, improves concentration, helps release angry feelings, reduces stress and teaches you to live more in the moment.


AwenFlow offers meditationpractices in different forms.

Look on our EVENTpage for more details.

Sounds interesting?

Contact Agnes or Caro for more information

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