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White Cotton Fabric


Closing the Bones is a deep nurturing treatment.

The ceremony provides a safe and supportive space where healing can take place. A way to create a moment of stillness, of meditative peace and reflection where you can let everything be at your own pace.

An intense healing where you reconnect with yourself through massage and wrapping up of your hips and other joints with Rebozos, cotton woven shawls.

"Closing the Bones massage", CtB, is an intense ritual that supports you after giving birth, even many years later. It can be supportive in a transitional period, it can be used to support those who feel overwhelmed or over-stimulated, to support the feeling of 'losing yourself' ....

For anyone who wants to be supported.

For anyone who has a pelvis.

The best and most lasting effects are gained by repeating the massage at least 3-6 times,but only one-off session are offered too.


Sounds interesting?

Contact Caro for more info and reservations

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