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A Closing the Bones ceremony is a tradition from Ecuador and Mexico.

It is a postpartum closing ceremony to assist in a woman’s recovery after childbirth.

In most villages in Ecuador women are given this massage within 6 hours after birth and receive it at least 5-6 times in total during the first 40 days postpartum. This massage is not limited to those who have recently given birth and can be equally beneficial for women who birthed many years ago.


During pregnancy, the hips open, becoming more wider and wider

to accommodate the growing baby and prepare the body for birth.

It is vitally important to help the hips close post birth,otherwise mothers might suffer from pelvic instability and energy leakages as a result.


Emotionally, the pelvis is the home of the second chakra, Svadhisthana,

which is closely associated with emotions and with the unconscious.

The hip muscles are programmed to be easily activated and clench instinctual when the body suffers trauma. We do not easily let go

so the unresolved emotions and trauma can be felt upon the hips as adrenaline crystals that are released during the massage of the hip bones.


The basic CtB focuses on abdomen and hips, as during a more ‘deeper’ treatment,i integrate a massage of the upper chest, breast area and arms.



What to expect ?


Closing the Bones usually takes place in the comfort of your home so that you can remain,for the time needed, in the lovely state of relaxation that we create afterwards.


If your homeplace does not suit you, I can offer you a space that is available to me.


I bring everything that we need with me.

A mat, blankets, cushions, my Rebozo shawls and anything else to create a beautiful space for you with intention and love. I support the Ctb with 3 crystals to empower that feminine energy in a gentle and caring way.

Rose Quartz to find that softness in your heart, Carneol to connect with the fire in you heart and Smoke Quartz to make all that tangible and real.


During the Basic Closing the Bones, a 2,5 hour session, we always start by having a talk about why you would like a Closing the Bones and what it can do for you. If you want to share your birth story, whether it has been recently or many years ago,i will hold the space for you.

If you want to relax and take in the experience without discussing anything beforehand,that is also honoured.

Anything that comes or doesn’t come to the surface is welcomed.


We start standing up for a Rebozo massage of the shoulders, upper back, hips, chest / breasts, where you are still fully clothed.

I gently rock each part in a distinctive rhythm, mobilising and articulating the spine and ribs.

This technique helps move energy around, stimulates lympatic and blood flow, relaxes and warms muscles and fascia and stimulates the release of the feel good hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin. This brings your body and mind in a more relaxed state,so that you are more comfortable when lying down.


Once lying down, still fully clothed, I continue rocking with the Rebozo, standing above you.

Now i will mobilise your armpits, arms, wrists, hands, groin, legs, ankles and feet to release tension and stagnant energy. 

This is a nice way to release and relax joints and muscles. And gives a gentle reduction of swelling and oedema.


You will feel warm, loose and mellow, almost in a hypnotic, trance like state.


After the rocking, we will lay your body as comfortable as possible,

supported by cushions and bolsters where needed.

I start by wrapping a Rebozo around your hips and gently rock your hips in a distinctive rhythm, allowing the lower vertebrae to be released and allowing mobilisation of the pelvis and hips.

This proces will take the time needed, as you as a client are in control.

You decide the pace, the rhythm and intensity of the movements and touch.


The rocking is followed by a gentle but firm abdominal massage, from your pubic bone up to your ribs.

I use a warm nourishing oil with essential oils made by my regular aromatherapist.

The massage removes tension on uterus and bladder, bringing the organs back to the original position. Massaging the hip bones helps releasing the adrenalin crystals, formed by unresolved emotions and trauma. The massage helps to draw your energy back to your creative centre : your womb.


I continue the treatment with a second round of ‘rocking your hips’ with the rebozo, again standing above you.

Finally, I firmly tie the shawl around your hips and abdomen to hold uterus and bladder in place.

I continue by ‘closing’, wrapping your skull / forhead, shoulders, waist, knees, legs and ankles with a Rebozo shawl. Covering you up, keeping you warm and cosy, allowing you to have a deep relaxation.

You are now able to lie down as long as you wish or need.

Emotional release is possible.

I will hold the space for you through this release.

We can create a ritual at this moment, depending on what you prefer...a song, a poem, singing of mantras, gentle music...we can discuss beforehand.


There is something about being cocooned and held.

It allows the body to deeply relax and the mind to just let go and go deep inside.


I leave you to rest while making you a cup of tea.

I have a delicious nurturing and womb-nourishing teablend made by my regular herbal therapist.

Afterwards we share a cup of herbal tea and chat to help integrate your experience.


During the Deeper Closing the Bones, up to a 3,5 hour session,

we have the same treatment as the Basic Closing The Bones to start.

Before removing the adrenalin crystals on your hip bones,

I integrate a massage of the upper chest, breats area and arms to help release more in fascia and lymph movement and drainage.

This can be performed with a bra kept on if you prefer.

I continue the treatment with a second round of ‘rocking your hips’ with the rebozo, again standing above you.


You are then wrapped up as described above for the Basic CtB treatment, finishing sharing a cup of herbal tea and chat to help integrate your experience.

Sounds interesting?

Contact Caro for more info and reservations

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