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Children in Yoga Class



StarchildTM  Yoga created by Siri Arti is a yoga for children, divided in different age groups, which combines yoga with the concepts of Montessori which derives from the boundless belief in the nature of the child to orient toward a free, independent, active and responsible being.

StarchildTM  Yoga  offers a safe space encouraging children to reach their full potential, build healthy bodies, learn to properly breath, enhance self-esteem and become more aware of themselves and those around them. Starchild TM Yoga also helps children  to  create boundaries as well as helping them to be community-minded.


The overlying theme of a class of Yoga is Fun, therefore it's not unusual that classes may include yoga with arts and music especially for younger ages groups.


The underlying theme of StarchildTM Yoga is to Empower the Child.



 3 - 5   years old

 6 - 8   years old

 9 - 11 years old

11- 13 years old


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