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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga


Seniors and people who often struggle with pain, joint stress, imbalance, osteoarthritis, and other physical limitations, can benefit from incorporating a gentle yoga practice into their daily routine. But practicing on the mat can be a, therefore sitting on a chair doing yoga ,adapted for chair exercises, is the alternative.

Yoga helps improves balance and stability.

Strengthening the  muscles and improving balance prevents the likelihood of fall, which can be a common concern for elderly.

It also improves flexibility and joint health.

There are studies that looked at the effectiveness of yoga as an exercise to manage osteoarthritis in elderly women, researchers found that it provided therapeutic benefits.

With age comes respiratory limitations and reduced tolerance to physical exertion. Yoga improves respiration and help reduces high blood pressure by reducing oxidation stress, which is one of the underlying causes of high blood pressure especially for seniors in the elderly.

Yoga reduced anxiety, relaxing the body and mind. It encourages mindfulness. Since so much of yoga is focused on breathing and listening to your body, an added benefit is the expanded awareness of self through practice.

Finally, YOGA50+ / Yoga on Chair can give a chance for seniors to socialise over a cup of tea.

Sounds interesting?

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