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GET INTO THE FLOW @Schopboshoeve


12 Euro per class / 60 Euro for the set of 6 classes


Starting from 6/10 every other week till 15/12 20:00-21:30


20.00 - 21.30


Grensstraat 36 2580 Putte, Belgium

About the event

Chakras are wheels of swirling energy. They are centers of consciousness in the human body, energetic centers, not material or anatomical. They are located along your spine, the column of whirling energy. The chakras are connected to important nerve nodes and they influence the endocrine glands. Exercises with chakras improve metabolism, oxygen uptake increases, the immune system is strengthened, detoxification processes are activated and organs and cells are re nourished and harmful substances are lost.
Actually, a chakra is never closed or completely blocked, but the energy is less powerful or we speak of a more dominant chakra.
The lower three chakras are known as the Lower Triangle. The fifth, sixth and seventh as the Higher Triangle. The fourth, the heart chakra, is the balance point and the connecting zone between Higher and Lower and vice versa.

The first five chakras are connected with the elements earth, water, fire, air and ether and the qualities the elements stand for and the higher chakras are connected with more subtle and thinner spheres. Prana, the life energy gives strength to the chakras and cleans them from blockages so that the energy can flow freely and naturally.

Kundalini Yoga facilitates this cleansing, balancing and releasing, so that body, soul and spirit can fully function.
Chakras have an effect on our perception, feelings and emotions. They influence the movement and type of thoughts we have and the energy we can use to act upon them. In this way our thoughts become manifest. Chakras have an effect on the relationship between our consciousness and subconsciousness.

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